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    Your body: Clean it, revitalize it

    March 28th, 2012 by André Gagnon, ND

    Surely you take the time to clean your car, have the oil changed and clean your house on a regular basis? Why not do so much for your body?

    Why a detoxification treatment?

    Every day we are exposed to toxins. Normally, a healthy body uses the liver, skin, kidneys, lungs and intestines to eliminate these toxins. Nowadays, many causes (stress, pollution, nutritional deficiencies, and continuous intoxication) reduce the effectiveness of our detoxification mechanisms.


    A good approach varies from two to three times annually. A first time in January, counteracts the overindulgences of the holidays and starts off the New Year on the right foot. A second round in the spring, towards the end of March and a third in the fall, around mid-October will round out the year.

    The benefits of an effective detox treatment:

    • Physical energy and acute mental awareness
    • Beneficial sleep
    • Reduced water retention
    • Decreased gastric and intestinal discomforts
    • A sense of well-being
    • Reduced sensitivity to stress
    • Reduced migraines and headaches
    • More effective immune system
    • Reduced allergic reactions.

    Not too fast!

    A good detox must respect the body’s natural mechanisms and revitalise it. Beginning gently is essential, permitting the elimination organs to effectively accomplish their task.

    Respect your own rhythm, take small daily doses and observe your reactions then increase gradually. A detox treatment is not meant to be an emptying cure. Soft but well formed stools are ideally obtained and not diarrhoea.


    The synergistic ingredients in TOTAL DETOX ensure a gentle, in depth detox,  respectful of the body’s natural rhythms and revitalize your organism. By taking TOTAL DETOX once a day, in the evening, you will maximise the results and minimise the inconveniences of taking multiple doses during the day. If you wish to lose weight and reduce the impact of free radicals, add a tablespoon of GREEN TEA extract. This tablespoon is equivalent to the amount of antioxidants in 20 cups of green tea but without the caffeine.

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