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    What to drink?

    May 25th, 2012 by André Gagnon, ND

    Summer is finally here and we want to get moving! Bike riding, hiking, tennis, anything and everything in order to take full advantage of these few fabulous months. While practicing our favourite activities, especially in warm summer temperatures, it is essential to keep well hydrated. Nothing ruins a day of summer fun more than suffering from thirst and lack of energy.

    Just before leaving, we ask ourselves: « Water, juice or the ever famous energy drink? »

    Fruit juices have too much sugar and can slow water absorption as well as cause gastric discomfort for certain people. Energy drinks often contain caffeine that has a diuretic effect which actually favours dehydration. If you do not see caffeine directly in the listed ingredients it is often naturally present in guarana, tea or coffee.

    Simple solutions that are also good for you:

    Start with your favourite fruit juice and dilute it with half a portion of water.  Add one teaspoon (5ml) of caffeine free, Green Tea extract per liquid cup.  Land Art’s Green Tea extract is rich in antioxidants and will protect the organism against the damaging effects of free radicals. One tablespoon contains an equivalent amount of antioxidants in 20 cups of green tea, without the caffeine.

    For a lighter activity, this drink can be replaced by Land Art’s Chlorophyll diluted to one teaspoon per cup of water. You can use the concentrated Chlorophyll or Chlorophyll Mint as a refreshing option. Chlorophyll effectively quenches thirst and reduces dry mouth.

    Finally, to replace electrolytes lost through sweat, add ¼ to ½ teaspoon (1 to 2.5 ml) depending on the intensity of the exercise, of  Mineralex to your drink. (Do not exceed the daily recommended dose without the advice of a health consultant.)

    Simple, healthy solutions to enhance your summer activities.

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