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    This fall, put a bit of super in your regular gas

    August 23rd, 2011 by Lyne Quesnel, ND

    5h45, the alarm clock rings, waking you from not quite enough sleep. You hurry to wake the kids, take a quick shower and have breakfast (sometimes) while making lunches. Daycare, school, traffic jams and HOP! Off to work, the day has just begun. And it is certainly not on the weekend with its sports and social activities that you will have time to recuperate and eat well,,, Do you recognize yourself?

    Of course, you’re hearing me say that you need to take the time to live life to the fullest, live in the moment, eat well, do some outdoor activities, but you also need the energy to do so.

    We expect our bodies and our brains to react in a heartbeat, but do we give them all that they need to follow on this hectic schedule? What we eat and drink on a daily basis is our body’s regular gas.

    You should consider adding a bit of super if you are touched by any of the following situations:

    • Hectic lifestyle
    • A race against time
    • Poor nutrition
    • Exposition to pesticides and chemical fertilizers
    • Lack of sleep
    • Polluted environment (mediocre air quality; automobile pollution, the foul air of office towers and homes, sealed to contain heat in winter and cool air in summer, the use of toxic cleaning products).


    Where to find a good dose of super?
    A good vitamin supplement may give you this added bonus that can make a difference. As a liquid, it is easily absorbed and more effective than solid forms (tablets or capsules). 

    Easier to swallow and better tasting, Multivit for the whole family and Multi-kid, adapted to the tastes of your little ones, may be taken pure or diluted in fruit juice which will not diminish their effectiveness.

    Try it and take full advantage of the difference it will make.

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