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    Protection against the sun from the inside

    April 09th, 2012 by André Gagnon, ND

    The sun can cause serious burns but may also create invisible damage that will lead to complications in the future. It is therefore very important to properly protect the skin of our little ones with an adequate sunscreen but also, as surprising as this may seem, with omega-3s. Scientific studies have demonstrated the protective effects that omega-3s have on our skin. People who have taken omega-3 supplements significantly increase their skin’s tolerance level to UVB rays due to the increase of EPA and DHA and therefore prevent sunburns.

    The anti-inflammatory action and the prostaglandin activation created by omega-3s reduce the risks of developing skin cancer. Omega-6s have an inflammatory action and promote photo carcinogenesis, all the more reason to balance out the omega-3/6 ratio in our diet.

    Other than the benefit of protection from the sun, omega-3s also decrease the risks for babies less than nine months old from suffering from eczema. (As per a study conducted with 1700 young children.)

    Land Art’s Omega-3s are easy to take and have a delicate orange taste. They may be taken as is, but many moms mix them into a yogurt, a bowl of cereal or a glass of juice.

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