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    Aloe Vera: your first aid kit in a bottle

    June 06th, 2017 by

    Aloe Vera is cultivated in many tropical places throughout the world, including Asia, Africa, India, the Carribean, South America, Mexico […]

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    Flavoured Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

    May 25th, 2017 by Arianne Bilodeau, Rédactrice et blogueuse santé et bouffe

    Prepare these ice cubes ahead of time, and you’ll be able to easily add nutrients and flavour to your water […]

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    What is inflammation?

    March 07th, 2017 by Vanessa Labelle

    Inflammation occurs when a foreign element enters our tissues (bacteria, viruses, toxins, etc.) or when repairs are required; for example, […]

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    FORESTIER Cocktail

    March 07th, 2017 by Frédéric

    FORESTIER ¼ oz Land Art’s unflavoured CHLOROPHYLL 1 oz St-Laurent Gin ½ oz Suze ½ oz pine syrup Vegan foamer […]

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    Travelling down south: 3 musts to slip into your suitcases

    February 06th, 2017 by Marigil Pelletier ND.A

    Note: the products mentioned in this article may cause interactions with medications. Consult your Naturopathic doctor (ND.A) or your therapeutic […]

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