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    Flavoured Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

    May 25th, 2017 by Ariane Bilodeau


    Prepare these ice cubes ahead of time, and you’ll be able to easily add nutrients and flavour to your water bottle at the gym or to a nice cocktail after a big day at work – no measuring required!

    Today, I chose to add flavour to my ice cubes using elderflower syrup, lime and fresh mint. However, the possibilities are endless: lime mint, cucumber-lime, strawberry basil, citrus fruits, cranberry-orange, cilantro-orange, melon mint, grapefruit rosemary, ginger, etc.


    • Ice cube trays
    • For each cube :

    Place all ingredients in each compartment, and top off with water. Mix carefully before putting the tray in the freezer. For use, let one cube dissolve in a bottle of water or in your favourite cold beverage.

    Ariane Bilodeau, Copywriter/editor, health and food blogger

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