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    Cucumber-Chlorophyll Chia Fresca

    July 19th, 2017 by Ariane Bilodeau

    Chia 3



    Chia Fresca, which has been a popular drink in Central America for many years, is gaining popularity all around the world. It’s a refreshing summer drink that you can enjoy as is, or as a cocktail. And it’s packed with antioxidants!

    • 1 English cucumber, diced
    • 2 cups cold water
    • Juice of 1 lime
    • 2 tbsp. sugar
    • 1 tsp. unflavoured Chlorophyll Concentrated 5X
    • 4 tsp. chia seeds
    • Ice cubes
    • Fresh mint (for garnishing)
    • 1 oz gin (optional)

    Using a blender, puree the water and 2/3 of the cucumber dices until smooth. Strain through a fine sieve to remove the pulp. Add lime juice, sugar and chlorophyll, then mix well. Place a few cucumber dices, 1 tsp. chia seeds and a few fresh mint leaves in each glass, then add ice to the top. Fill the glasses with the cucumber juice and let the chia seeds soften for a few minutes. Drink using a straw.

    Makes 4 servings.

    By Ariane Bilodeau, Copywriter/editor, and health & food blogger

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