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    Could your skin use some help this winter?

    January 31st, 2011 by Lynda Proulx, Dermo-esthéticienne/Phytothérapeute

    Winter can have a major impact on our psychological state of mind, on your health in general and also on your skin. As it is, for every problem, there is a solution. In this health newsletter we propose several solutions to the problems that winter brings along with it. All in all, tips and tools to help your skin enjoy winter rather than suffer from it.

    You have chapped and cracked lips:
    Avoid petroleum or silicone based lip balms. They provide fast relief but in the long run they will only aggravate the issue.
    Use a bio equitable shea butter lip balm.

    Avoid long lasting lipsticks as they are strongly dehydrating.
    Use products that are free of chemical preservatives and that contain softening, hydrating oils for lips.

    You have dry and dehydrated skin:
    Avoid wood burning produced heat and overheating the house, particularly at night.
    Use a humidifier if need be to maintain a relative humidity at over 45 %. Don’t forget to drink water and add chlorophyll to it. It will taste better and be beneficial to your skin health.

    Avoid commercial soaps with chemical agents, such as: sodium laureth sulphate and EDTA,  in the shower. They reduce the skin’s hydrolipidic protective film.
    Use bio soap in bars or gels (beware: don’t rely simply on the label, read the INCI).)

    Avoid baths that are too hot and dehydrating bubble bath products.
    Use bubble bath products that do not contain chemical products. You can simply add sea salt and olive oil to your bath water; you will have silky soft skin for very little cost.

    Avoid petrochemical and silicone based body lotions. They are very bad for the environment, very irritating for the skin and even suspected to be toxic for the skin.
    Use biological natural product based body lotions. They provide softening hydration and are rarely more expensive.

    Winter sports and frostbite
    Avoid low quality solar products or those that are waterproof; they don’t let your skin breath properly and may cause pimples. Avoid all products containing AAH (or any of its equivalents), synthetic perfumes and alcohol.
    Use bio equitable shea butter. This product is on the good and affordable product list. A good insulating agent, a light solar filter, lubricant and hydrating agent, it may be applied before and during outdoor activities.


    For the health … of your skin …

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