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    Chlorophyll, the Mother of all Green

    February 13th, 2013 by Michael Deslandes, Biologiste

    Chlorophyll is the single most critical substance in plants that allows them to absorb light from the sun and convert that light into usable energy. There are different kind of chlorophyll mostly chlorophyll A, chlorophyll B, C1, C2, C3. Chlorophyll A being the most important one. Chlorophyll is a fat-soluble pigment that gives plants and algae their green color. Chlorophyll in it’s natural fat-soluble state is not water soluble and poorly absorbed, this is why you can eat a lot of spinach but you will not get the benefit of it’s rich chlorophyll contains.

    Sodium copper chlorophyllin is derived from chlorophyll but it is water soluble and it’s bioavailability and assimilation is greatly improved. The antioxydant capacity of chlorophyllin is about 2000 times that of blueberry juice and 20 times that of the fame resveratrol making it one of the best tool to fight oxidative damage induced by chemical carcinogens and radiation.

    To initiate the development of cancer, some chemicals (procarcinogens) must first be metabolized to active carcinogens that are capable of damaging DNA or other critical molecules in susceptible tissues. Since enzymes in the cytochrome P450 family are required for the activation of some procarcinogens, inhibition of cytochrome P450 enzymes may decrease the risk of some types of chemically induced cancers. In vitro studies indicate that chlorophyllin may decrease the activity of cytochrome P450 enzymes (1,2). Phase II biotransformation enzymes promote the elimination of potentially harmful toxins and carcinogens from the body. Limited data from animal studies indicate that chlorophyllin may increase the activity of the phase II enzyme, quinone reductase (3).

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    2.  Yun CH, Jeong HG, Jhoun JW, Guengerich FP. Non-specific inhibition of cytochrome P450 activities by chlorophyllin in human and rat liver microsomes. Carcinogenesis. 1995;16(6):1437-1440.

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