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    Becoming aware of this wonder

    February 25th, 2011 by Lynda Proulx, Dermo-esthéticienne/Phytothérapeute

    You’ve been wearing this garment since before you were born. It grows and ages with you. Magnificently complex, it is the human’s largest organ. This wonderful thing is your skin.

    It keeps you warm when it’s cold out and keeps you cool when it gets too hot. It stretches, repairs itself and is even waterproof. It is composed of many sensors, opening a multitude of doors to the outside world. It protects you from the sun, from germs and even helps you get rid of toxins. Rumours have it that it may be your third lung.

    It may betray your age or on the contrary, be the perfect accomplice in a little white lie letting anyone believe that there aren’t quite so many years behind you. The passage of time marked by wrinkles expresses effort, the victories and the pleasures of your life and gives it uniqueness. In certain situations it becomes indecent and reveals emotions of embarrassment or rage and this, despite yourself.

    For certain specialists, your skin is an open book. It tells them if you have a healthy lifestyle. If your liver is functioning properly or if you have to let up on the cheese fries (junk food). Its pimples and papules, so undesirable, are revealing to those who can read them.

    It gives much and asks for little in return. Communicating its needs in a particular manner, it is best to learn how to listen and understand.  

    • When it becomes rough and dry, it is certainly thirsty.  
    • If it becomes scaly and crumpled, it is expressing the need for a softer, more natural soap.  
    • Redness on the cheeks: a cry of alarm to cease hot water showers every morning.
    • When the lower jawbone area is covered in brown spots, it is denouncing a possible hormonal imbalance.


    No matter what age, size, color or path, it merits your attention, because unlike a factory made garment, you only have one skin and will keep it for life.


         For the health … of your skin!

    In the following articles, we shall discuss different subjets regarding the skin. Here is a small glimpse:

    Particularities of baby skin.

    Basic care for healthy skin?

    The sun: friend or foe?

    The best anti-wrinkle remedies in the world!

    Acne: am I doomed to live with it?

    What is it: rosacea or broken veins?

    Skin spots and other company!

    Etc …

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